Kelton Investments PTE Limited 
is the parent company of the 
Kelton Group of Companies. 

Founded in Fiji, the privately owned Kelton Group and its principals have an extensive 52 year investment track record in real estate and public and private equity investments, spanning the entire South Pacific region, Asia and North America.

The Kelton Group is invested in rental property, tourism and commercial agriculture. A number of small community development entities complete the portfolio.

The Group’s investment experience over five decades has been diverse and has included investments in the areas of:

  • Property (commercial, residential, industrial, retail, hospitality) 
  • Agriculture (commercial farming exports, agricultural supplies)
  • Technology (OA, ICT, mobile telephony)
  • Tourism (hotel operations)
  • Manufacturing (garments, food processing)
  • Insurance (broking)
  • Aviation (domestic & international Airline operations)
  • Construction (general contracting, pref residential)
  • Trading (import & distribution)


Kelton House, Suva, FIJI 

“Practice good stewardship 
by carefully managing and growing 
a sustainable, generation spanning 
family Investment Group, 
that fulfills its Christian and 
community responsibilities”

- Purpose, Kelton Group